Backups and MORE Backups!

If there is one tip we can give to our customers and all PC users in general – it is this: “BACK UP YOUR DATA”
We are amazed at how many clients come to us with tears in their eyes when a PC has crashed and in the same sentence notify us that that they have no backups of any data.  Pictures, documents, emails, tax documents, etc. are all potentially hopelessly lost unless we can “get the magic back” for them.
Fortunately we often can recover the data before we effect repairs, but backing up data is like having health insurance – no one wants to have it until you NEED it. And then it’s typically too late.

So, a couple of ideas – OneDrive – built into Windows 10 is an option since it automatically backs up selected folder to the cloud real time. 2GB of space is free and you can buy more and it’s very reasonable and reliable.
Acronis True Image is nice for doing a full PC image backup which is great to put a crashed PC back “just like it was before” versus the pain of rebuilding a PC from scratch and reinstalling all the programs and settings – and this assumes the data was in fact backed up somewhere. It’s a subscription based solution that includes cloud storage and it works well and is very reliable.
How can we help you avert potential disaster? Contact us and let us tailor a solution that meets your needs and budget, 

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