Clever Workaround to Resolve Sound Issue

A client brought us a notebook PC last week – several years old but still lots of life left in it.  After performing a thorough diagnosis and test, we determined that the sound portion of the notebook mainboard was defective.  (Worth noting that everything BUT the sound worked perfectly on this several-year-old notebook.)  Rather than scrap the notebook due to the high cost of parts and service labor to replace the entire mainboard, we devised a clever solution: We installed a USB Bluetooth adapter (the notebook did not have Bluetooth capability) and then added a Jam speaker to restore sound – actually better sounds than the PC’s original speakers.  Happy client, notebook sound restored without breaking the bank.  What can we do for YOU to help resolve your PC issues? Contact us and see for yourself why our clients are our sales force and over 90% of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. 

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