Sometimes…NEW is Better

A new client (referred to us by a very satisfied current client) brought us a notebook that would not power on.  During the intake process, she mentioned it suddenly quit working during a lightning storm – so not hard to figure out what happened.  Given the age of the device, over 8 years old, repair costs would be prohibitive so we recommended she replace it.  She asked for a recommendation – we highly recommended an hp ENVY 17″ Notebook we had procured for other clients at Best Buy.
Here is where the story gets interesting – she was concerned that her data (for which there was no backup) would be lost on the old no-power-on laptop.  While she was at Best Buy making the purchase, we removed the old hard drive in our lab and successfully backed up all of her data files.  When she returned with the new notebook PC, we configured her system and put her data from the old laptop back on the new notebook – just as it was before.  DELIGHTED customer!
If you or someone you know is delaying upgrading a PC or a laptop – because of worries of losing your data – we can help.  We treat your data as if it were our data.

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