We Protect Your Data BEFORE Doing Service

Recently a customer (who was recommended to us by another satisfied customer) asked us to rebuild two laptops.  When asked if we needed to preserve any data on either device, the customer stated “no we have backups of all files on a external drive”.  A day later, we received a frantic call that the customer had in fact not backed up everything and she was hopeful we have not started work and wiped the drives yet.  We told her that both laptops were finished and that – despite her assertion that her data was backed up – we created backup images (as we always do) before doing the work.  Then, after reinstalling Windows 10 clean (which resolved all issues on both laptops) – we placed the data back on each laptop.  All pictures, files, music data restored right were it was before the rebuild. The customer breathed a sigh of relief and was delighted in the quick turn of both laptops.  Sounds like the kind of service you would value? HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?

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