We Resurrected a Dropped Notebook

We received a call from a referral (98% of our customers are REFERRED to us) and she was very worried after she had dropped her notebook and it would not boot.  After taking a look at it in our lab, we saw no physical damage to the casework which was a good thing.  We then backed up the entire notebook drive by creating  an image file before beginning repairs to protect the client’s data from loss.  This also went very well.  Lastly, we restored Windows 10 to a good configuration and then ran stress test on the notebook to insure everything was operating properly after the drop.  All tests ran flawlessly. The client’s investment in her notebook was protected by our service performed,  but more importantly, her data was not lost in the process of making repairs.  This is what we do – this is why customers reco9mmend us to friends and family.  How can we serve YOUR technology needs today>  Contact us and find out!

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