We “Out Geek” the Geek Squad yet again…

We had a customer who had a bad experience with a Windows 10 automatic major update and his Dell Notebook PC.  While this is rare, it does sometimes happen that a Windows update will render the PC unbootable.  Unfortunately the client was in Florida vacationing and had to resort to Geek Squad for service.  Two weeks after he brought his PC in to Geek Squad, it was returned to him with Geek Squad telling him he would have to disable his Windows Account logon to make the notebook boot.  The client brought the notebook to us and we went to work in our lab on it.  Windows updated successfully, working perfectly and client very satisfied.  So who do you want to trust your notebook or desktop PC to?  A company such as ours who services customers with meticulous attention to detail or some big box retailer’s “sausage mill” PC repair shop?  The majority of our business is referrals from delighted clients and our reputation as experts speaks for itself. How can we serve you? Contact us and find out.

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