Windows 10 Update Gone Wild

We received a call from a client this week and after a recent Windows 10 recommended driver update – the PC lost both the  mouse and keyboard making it essentially unbootable  beyond the Lock Screen.  Of course we heard form the worried client  what we always hear – “all of our pictures are on the PC do you think they are gone?”  WORD TO THE WISE – a PC is like a car battery it’s not a question of if it will fail it’s simply a matter of when it will fail.  BACKUP your data to either a portable USB hard drive or ideally up to the cloud.  Fortunately we are very skilled at recovering what seems to be lost data and that is what we did.  We rebuilt the PC installation of Windows 10 and restored the functionality of the keyboard and mouse and then restored the data and all is well once again.  How can we help YOU with your IT headaches? Contact us and find out.

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